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Amperage (A)
Axis diameter (mm)
bearing type
Bore (mm)
Cable length (mm)
Cable length Z-Z (mm)
Cutting height positions
Diameter (mm)
Diameter (mm)
Diameter (mm)
Diameter (mm)
Fixing length (mm)
Front wheel diameter (mm)
Height (cm)
Height (mm)
Hole Diameter (mm)
Inside diameter (mm)
Length (mm)
Length (m)
Length (mm)
Mounting Diameter (mm)
Nominal voltage (V)
Number of fasteners
Number of Holes
number of pieces
Outer diameter (mm)
Pin diameter (mm)
Power outlet
Rear wheel diameter (mm)
Ring gear diameter (mm)
Shaft Length (mm)
Sheath Length (mm)
Sheath Length (mm)
Spacing (mm)
spring diameter (mm)
Spring length (mm)
Support length (cm)
Thickness (mm)
total length (cm)
Tube Diameter (mm)
Voltage (V)
Wheel Axle Length (mm)
Wheel diameter (mm)
Width (mm)
Width (mm)
Z-Spring cable length (mm)
Wheel Axle Diameter (mm)
Center distance (mm)
tyre diameter
wheel thickness (mm)
bore length (mm)
Centring Disk Diameter (mm)
axis length (mm)
bore (mm)
cable length (mm)
Cable length ball-ball (mm)
Cable length z-ball (mm)
center distance (mm)
Diameter (mm)
front wheel thickness (mm)
Height (mm)
Height (mm)
inlet diameter (mm)
Inner diameter bearing (mm)
Internal diameter (mm)
Internal diameter (mm)
Length (mm)
Length z-ball (mm)
Max length (mm)
Number of fins
Number of Spindle
number of wire
number of wire
Outer Diameter Bearing (mm)
outlet diameter (mm)
Outlet size (mm)
outside diameter (mm)
Pinion bore (mm)
Pinion bore (mm)
rear wheel thickness (mm)
Retaining Ring diameter (mm)
Ring diameter (mm)
Rod diameter (mm)
Rod Length (mm)
screw diameter (mm)
screw length (mm)
screw length (mm)
Sheath Length (mm)
Sheath Length (mm)
Sheath length Z-Spring (mm)
Spacing (mm)
Spacing (mm)
Spindle width (mm)
Sprocket Diameter (mm)
Support length (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Thread diameter (mm)
thread diameter (mm)
thread diameter (mm)
Thread length (mm)
tube dimension (mm)
wheel axle diameter (mm)
Width (mm)
wire length (mm)
Wire Length (mm)
Wire length (mm)
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Welcome to the product category frame !
You will find here our offer of other, l/h hoe cover, r/h hoe cover, dashboard, front wheel stand, rear wheel stand, front wheel, rear wheel, fuel valve, rear deflector spring, tray, clutch cable set, mulching filling, engine break lever, auger lever and cable and many others.

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