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Petrol backpack multi-tool 52 cm³ - 4 in 1 RAC52CDORG - SWAP-europe.com

Petrol backpack multi-tool 52 cm³ - 4 in 1

Brands : RACING


Split tube
Back harness
Teeth distance 24 mm
Blade length 420 mm
Transmission tube diameter 26 mm
Fuel tank capacity 1200 mL
Adjustable head
Cutting lentgh in hedge trimmer mode 39 cm
Chain pitch 3/8
Guide and chain Oregon
Guide length 30 cm
Cutting width in brush cutter mode 25.5 cm
Cutting width in trimmer cutting mode 42 cm
Line diameter 2.4 mm
Wire length 250 cm
Complete engine crankshaft
2-stroke motor
4 in 1
Cubic capacity 52 cm³
Cutting length 39 cm

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